Of A Drone, A Ducati and the worlds smallest Desert

Triple D: Ducati-Desert-Drone

Like a Drone over Troubled Waters...Enduro style

Franklin Lake, YT ... Don't look so tough

Motorcycle Drone Mavic Tracking, can it?

Where is that frickin' drone?

Another Motorcycle Joins the Team. Itty Bitty Enduro.

Love that "seat" ...

Motorcycle North...is that snow?

Clear, cold...and beautiful...

In the Neighborhood...Cruuunch time

   A road that leads to cruuunch...

Oh Canada! Happy 150th Guitar Pickin n Grinnin

  Is that my guitar over there?

Grey Mountain Yukon, Vstrom be like Enduro.

Grey, the mountain is...

The WUMP Factor

Still.  They sit...

The Early Motorcycle, gets the Beauty and Freeze.

Eis und Schnee be damned...