About Me

Cowboy Up!

This humble site is dedicated to motorcyclists, like myself, who have passed through some sort of crisis in their life, medical or otherwise, leaving them wondering if they will ever ride again. May your spirit stay strong, because it's going to have to be. Get up, and get back in the saddle. Unable to work at this time, I am commited to following my cardiologists suggestion, "If you have a choice between working or doing what you want to do, do what you want to do" Amen Doc.

If you decide to get off the couch to find the time to chase your dreams, remember, it is not the size of the engine in the machine that will take you where you want to go, rather it is the size of the heart that beats within the pilot that will ultimately, help you to see your journey's end. You gotta have heart. That's it. Even if some of it comes from a pig! Although I seem to be in a constant state of relearning how to maximise my health and energy, I will  continue to ride as far and as often as I am able. Having rode thousands of KMs from here to there, I have found that you can get there, from here. Thanks to all the many other riders and friends, from around the world that keep me inspired to chase my dreams. Rubber side down, handlebars up!

 P.S. remember your camera!