2005 DL1000 Vstrom

This is was my most recent steed, for the previous 3 years.  The 2011 DL650 has taken her stall. It took a lot of $ and effort to get the big girl running well. I don't think the previous owner practiced TLC. Took me to Inuvik and back, bit of a beast. Best gas mileage? 56 mpg. Not too shaggy. My wife sold her Shadow and has recently purchased a DL650 Vstrom. Beauty! That would be a driveway with a WeeWee! The only advantage having the Vee, over the Wee, would be for 2 up riding. Yes, the Vee has more power, but power eats chains, sprockets, tires, cush gears ... etc. The pull back handle bar risers changed the rider position from what was already a comfortable motorcycle to ride, to make it perhaps, the most comfortable bike I've had the pleasure of owning.