2015 Yukon or Bust: Daze 1-4


So this did happen. 4 days of intense heat, 41 celcius on one particular day. Fire smoke, and huge cross winds. All in all, pretty cool. My wife faired really well for the start of her first multi week, multi thousand km ride. Absolutely a dream come true. It was just the beginning of our outstanding adventure. Having said that, any mormin one can get up and just ride, all day, in the general direction you thought was cool... is an adventure. She had her little Wee cruising at 140 km like it was a gsxr ( in her mind). What a great little bike with a big heart. Averaging 4.2L/100 km (60+mpg), it's perhaps the best motorcycle I've seen in years. They must sell a ton.




This is her DL650A 2014 Vstrom. A more dependable, robust workhorse, with very acceptable power, you will not find. Running the stock Bridgestone Trailwings, a rather useless tire, but they were on the bike at time of purchase, and we will wear them out, ASAP. Michelin Anakee 3's will be next. These are not bikes that excel in the dirt, and a rider needs a bit of experience and a set of TKC 80's, to have any hope of trversing the shity stuff. I actually dropped this machine in the wet clay in Whitehorse, a few weeks from this picture time. No harm done. She loves it. I may yet look at one myself next spring, but I reckon there will be some water under the bridge before then.



Me old Vee. It seems every spring I rant and rave and try to sell her, but it's market value doesn't reflect the real value it has been to me. It has literally saved my life and taken me, now, on several multi day, multi week, multi thousand km trips. I've grown a bit of a soft spot for the old girl. Although she is an 05 Dl1000, she'll hold her own very well, with pony's itchin' to be released. Still gets close to 5.5L/100 kms (50mpg) at highway speeds, fully loaded. Shiko tires, 705's, which are a lot like the Battlewings and I will not purchase another set. This being my 2nd pair in as many years they are a great commuter tire, but will not hold up too well under load and distance. 10,000 km is the most I've gotten and they tend to crack as they wear.


The ride up over the Coquihalla Hwy 5 from Vancouver to Vernon is fast, to say the least. Not quite the Autobahn we ran 140 kmh most of the way...and it was also 40 celcius. It may be a major route but it stll goes over a huge mountain pass and you're in the mountains, for sure.






After spending the first night in Vernon, we rolled on to Cache Creek. Again it was blazing hot and smoke filled the air as the summer of 2015 has been a real burner. The roads are already starting to narrow, a sign of what's to come as we roll towards northern BC.





We roll into Prince George and as the scenery becomes more mountainous and close, so does the weather start to change, giving us some rain to deal with. It would be fairly wet for the next week. The ride, and the fact that we have 30 days of doing this is settling in and it's living the dream, really.

Williams Lake ...