Apex Mnt Nickel Plate Rd. It goes up dirty, comes down smooth.

I have been very fortunate this summer of 2016 to get in more time with the motorcycle than I thought I would. And best of all, more time was spent in pursuit of riding and exploring fabulous British Columbia back roads. What a summer.

This ride was day 1 out of a 2 day ride that took me 4 days, if that makes sense. I had a 1 day lay over at my in laws to rest and fatten up. 1st up was the Nickel Plate rd, up to the Apex ski hill, and then down the other side, eventually back in a southerly way to Hwy 3, and due east from there. Another post upcoming. And the down side, of this mountain,  is as much of an upside, as the upside, is really an upside? If you know what I mean. This is west of Penticton and & north of Hwy 3.

Enroute pit stop, Evening Star Motel, Greenwood. $70, old school, clean, friendly.

Hwy 3 must be given some text here because It truly is an awesomer Hwy. And it's sibling tributaries, the 3a and the 6.  Hwy 3 is 837 kms/520 mi (BC side), and will certainly give new truck drivers ample practise shifting. It goes every direction, incuding straight, but not much. Luckily we only have a few major arterial hwy's here, so if you're in southern BC, you'll sooner or later ride the 3. And you'll be leaving happier.

Ok, back to the nickel plate mine rd. I drove 300 kms over 3 hours just to  get my front Heidy onto the gravel, which lasted a bit more than an hour. My quoted mileage is usually close but you can't trust my time;1. Iv'e had a lot of strokes 2. I stop a lot to chat with whoever, and I film, shoot, and sip a beverage at the same time. My wife say's I'm amazing. Well I think she's amazing, so there.  I've posted the video below.


This road is perfect for a novice dual sport rider. It is a fairly steep gravel road going up, that has more than a few edges that fall away more than 1000 feet. Yet it is wide enough that they can be avoided. Traffic is minimal but if you do meet a farmer or 4x4, heads up as it is narrow in places. More experienced riders will just love it for what it is, and the fact the way down, albeit paved, is 14 kms of switch backs and corners.

Short yet sweet. Nothing wrong with that. This trail is so worth taking if your in the area, and I actually drove a fair distance to enjoy it. My brother couldn't stop his throttle hand from twitching when he got wind that I was moseying on over to ride his neck of the Province, and he would have none of that, and had to start up the big yellow bird, his GSA 1200. The following day he would scratch gravel, down to the Burrell FSR ... and the Brothers Wild did ride. We'll get to that next.

Up next: Granby road to N Fork FSR and Burrell FSR. Grand Forks to Edgewood