Chef Big D's, Squamish

Mid april, 2015, the sun is trying to come out on our beautiful wet coast, meaning that today, this will be the better coast, not the wetter coast. Personally, I like the climate change theory, as that means we're going to have some smokin' weather! Just saying. We are fortunate to have the time, the motorcycles and a great place to ride to, so it's off to Squamish, BC ... for lunch!


Ready to roll                       ...parked in Squamish          Copycat bike parkers... Chef Big D's                                                                               

Squamish is the midway point between Vancouver and Whistler. On one side is the Inlet, Howe Sound, and the other side is the Stawamus Chief, a piece of rock that towers over the vallley. The back ground to more than one movie, and a renowned climbing area, it is a beast. Squamish may not be the biggest city but it packs a punch for guzzles and grinds, within a very beautiful area. After enjoying the scenic and curvy Hwy 99, with it's views of the Pacific Ocean, and pavement that is up, down, and all around...time for that aforementioned lunch.

We parked the bikes around the mid point of main street and as we take our helmets off we are looking at at a sign that says Chef Big D's. And it's busy, always a good sign. An empty restaurant is more of a warning than an invitation. After a boo at the menu, which has the all day break fast, and all the usual suspects, we notice they also have home baked goodies, incuding breads and pastrys. We waited about 10 minutes for a table, it's help yourself when a clean one occurs. In our case we threw 2 smaller tables together. The staff was easy to get along with and we settled in.

My wife and I almost always spit our meals. Having had open heart surgery, as I have, doesn't mean you can't enjoy food, just enjoy smaller portions. We ordered the house club, and our friend, Millicent, had the veggie burger. Both meals were more than ample servings. The veggie gurger was short on beef but not stature (LOL). Coffee was good and meal prices were fair. Diners ranged from kids to locals, to us, the semi local, touristy types. Busy it was, yet not chaotic. Chef Big D's can seat around 70, incuding the outside tables. Overall, a fine find, for guzzles n grinds.


My half of the Club            ... and hers                        The Veggie Burger                  and some fine java   

Although I don't imagine you're going to see Chef Big D's on the TV any time soon, the menu was solid, the food well prepared, ample portions, a nice ambiance, and I did have trouble keeping my eyes off those scones. We'd recommend Chef Big D's and eat there again, without hesitation.

After lunch, you also have the pleasure of strolling around a great little community that sits in a very beautiful part of the world. Squamish and Chef Big D's, check it out.


The "Chief"                                     Me and my "Chief"                                  Always something happening...

The ginormous rock called the "Chief" pretty much overshadows most of this area. It's an amazing slab!