Cowboy Up!

Yep slipping into retirement. Actually kind of herded there by the staph infection and subsequent remedial actions; new pig valve, compromised organs bla bla bla. So what the hell is retirement? As individual as women, bikes or beer I suppose. We all like different ice cream, don't we? All I really want to do, if given the choice, is just do whatever I want to do. Seems pretty simple, although stuff like money, time, and people can hinder or help ones endeavors. Gov't has seen it in their wisdom to not give me an early pension. Going to have to wait a few years, and that's okay; another incentive to keep kick'n. I want my money!

I may drive truck again. I know my wife is not too excited about me getting in a cab, but that's all I did for a long time and I'm still attracted to the sound of a big diesel. It's like vehicle cleavage, you just gotta look! No full time stuff as I like the freebird not the chain gang anthem. I refuse to spend whatever time I have remaining, be it days or years, bolted to the rock pile. I will spend my time pursuing that which interests me. My wifes butt, my bikes, and circumnavigating; be that my neighborhood or the globe. Hey I hear travel health insurance might not be easy to get with my 'pre existing conditions'. No matter as I have some plans but I better keep them top secret for now. Groovy.

One thing for sure I have a lot of time on my hands. I feel like a kid starting summer vacation. After 8 months of recovery, I am finally feeling like I can take life on again. Did 7 push ups yesterday so I reckon the Olympic committee will be calling soon. Meantime, I'll do some house chores, work on my shop and maybe plunk on the guitar or this keyboard. I do have to wear gloves whether I'm doin' dishes or cleaning a carb as being on blood thinners works really well, for bleeding anyways!  Whatever freedom I have right now is mostly because of my awesome family. Especially my wife who now brings home the majority of the bacon. Mind you I have real bacon in my heart but she says that only confirms what she already knew. I'm a PIG! Oink oink!

I can only hope that everyone who has suffered some set back, be it small or large, can start the day with the kind of support I have had. I can rise up today not wanting to die but certainly not afraid as I know it's been a nice run and Gloria willing, the opportunity to do something good today lays in front of me. I dedicate this day to Dan Anger, a towing friend who left us this week. His battle cry was always,"cowboy up", and as I sign off at this time, I intend to get back in the saddle, immediately! Do the same.