Does the dust ever settle?

Well it's been about 8 months into my recovery and I am feeling almost like the old me, except the newer me is older and that ain't helping.  My main Doc says a year or more is a reasonable time frame for a full recovery from infectious endocarditis bla bla bla yakkity smakitty......Will ya listen to me sounding all medicine like. Apparently I may never fully recover in some areas at least not like the ironman I used to think I was. They used to call me the machine at work. Well the machine started to leak, and needed repair. Ha! I guess that happened to remind me I'm human, and to keep my feet planted firmly on this slowyl disintegrating planet. Like I always did say "if man, or woman, was meant to fly God woulda throwed us off a cliff"!

So I am in somewhat of a limbo as I am not approved to return to work, the gov't in all it's wisdom says I don't qualify for financial assistance of any sort, and with payday becoming a dim memory I have turned to this computer for entertainment. And that doesn't mean lookin' at naked ladies all day; although......."Stop the world and let me off. I'm tired of goin' round and round!" Gotta love country music lyrics. I always did say we oughta take the 'o r y' out of country and make it fun! Gotta love some kind of music. Our family loves country, classical,hip hoppity bop, metal that sinks cuz it's heavy and just muzik in general. We are a well rounded family of squares! My kids will be sayin' "speak for yourself". Well I am, "and I aim to misbehave!" Serenity. I may have to take a break and watch this classic space adventure....again. Anyone who has experienced small chilrdren knows that the good stuff needs to be done a second time, or more!

My wife says to retire, whatever that is, at least from thinking about a J O B. If anybody knows that we only live once very shortly, it's me. Man she is sweeter than honey and a hell of a lot smarter than me so I am seriously thinking  about what I would like to do besides earning a living. "What do we do with the time we have left?" Before the grey havens. I know that family will always be my anchor, that's first and foremost.

So whats next? Since my wife introduced this hick to travel which explains why our houses have a back door; so we can leave out the front and sooner or later we'll arrive at the back porch, I am planning to spend a few weeks this summer 0n a motorcycle traveling the Alaska Hwy to the top of the world. I will meet my wife, Catarina the Great in Whitehorse, late June to attend her old high school (FH Collins) swaray'. I believe it's called "yes we were drunk in the eighties but what are we doing now that were sober, years later reunion!" I know  more than a few of those attending and will not swear that they have sobered up! I wish me luck in my first steps into 'now what' land, and may I be so bold as to wish to anyone who may glance at this to have a really good day today. The world spins fast (app. 15,000 kms an hour) and one can fall off easy enough. Hang on I say! Cowboy up!           Atalog'