Of A Drone, A Ducati and the worlds smallest Desert

Yep, it's a triple D. But I aint talkin' booby's, not my mo...even though I love 'em, nope. This post is of me n the wife, on our DL650 Vstroms, and my brother, who rode his new ,  up the Alaska Highway, rolling out to Carcross, to visit the one of a kind Carcross Desert. Got to ride the big Ducati, and it was without a doubt the most powerful bike I have ever straddled. 180 kmh was easily bumped on a very short stretch of road. Sick...and lovely. Overall an amazing machine. Having been on a GSA 1200, an older one mind you, for comparisons sake, it was a totally different beast. Did not take it in the gravel, and perhaps that was for the better. I'm sure my skills would quickly not keep up with the Ducati's, and that would mean laying the $25,000 bike over. Nuff said. An all round great day. If you ever come this way, away up north, the Carcross Desert is a must. Take your shoes off and drag your toes through the sand. Mighty fine.