Like a Drone over Troubled Waters...Enduro style

This is a short view of Franklin Lake, in the Yukon. It looks isolated but is really only about 20km from Whitehorse. Such is the Yukon. My first flight over open water, and although in the end, the Mavic got cranky, no kersplash. Lucky I was, having very little fly time under my belt for this shoot. Rode the itty bitty CRF250l Honda enduro out, and that is always a treat. Might I add, as I plunck away here, I can here a squirrel furiously trying to scratch through the wall. Such is the Yukon. May have to do a little varmint hunting. My editing is a bit behind as the 6 inches of snow out the window will attest to, and it'sgood to look back at such a beautiful day.