The Early Motorcycle, gets the Beauty and Freeze.

How lucky am I?  Oh I could whine and snivel, lord knows I've been dragged through the humps and bumps of life, especially the last 5 years, since the bacterial infection went down, down, down, and didn't take me along, and my wife says I still whine, buuut. Wives. What do they know? Okay, admittedly quite a bit, but this is about me, not wonderful as she is. In retrospect, as I mull over the fact that I have the the litttle Vstrom that could, loaded up and ready to go north, tomorrow, the 28th of April, I am indeed a lucky man. I always have to remind myself that even though I go slower, perhaps not as far daily, nor as fast as I used to be able to, in the end, I am logging more kilometers yearly, than I ever have done in my entirest life. With my health in decline, but at a rather slow rate, I know that I must take advantage of any opportunity seen as such. Until the stage lights go dark, we play on.


Meaning that lucky me, leaves for the Yukon, from here in the lower mainland, Surrey BC to be exact, tomorrow morning, with no set schedule, other than to avoid patches of foul weather and road that may still harbor Eis und Schnee. I have strapped a new MotoZ Tractionator tire onto the back seat, as my current Heidenau is looking like me. Hagard, tired, wore, yet still capable of just a bit more. Having traversed the northern highways many times, this will be the first time aboard the motorcycle the first week of May. July and August might be better choices. But I've had a lot of strokes. My choices at times, these days, some may question. But not me.


It snowed last night on one of the major passes that I had hoped to go over, the Coquihalla, but like Tonto, I can read sign, and will instead now divert to the Fraser canyon, Hwy 1. The first day's destination is Cherryville, where I will RnR with my Bro, and weather agreeing, he'll take out the big yellow bird, the GSA 1200, for a jaunt. I am shooting to leave from there a few days later with my sights on Prince George, or something close. No camping. Too cold for this cowboy. I'll save what energy I have for riding. And then on, and on, until I arrive home, Whitehorse YT. 500 to 600 kilometers per day is the rule. And that is more of a guideline than a rule.

Alaska Hwy or Stewart Cassiar? Not sure yet. I'll let weather set the mood. I've rode them both. Both kind of empty and cold this time of year. Me and the truckers and locals. Maybe just a sprinkling of tourists.

Will I see motorcycles on the Alaska Hwy the first week of May? Not sure. I am suspecting not, at least not too many. But who knows. I'll have cameras aboard, as usual, so evidence can be gathered.

The plan is laid, loose, yet there. I like it that way, and that's where I know I'm lucky. I have been given a degree of freedom from the yokes of life that bind the majority of us, and even though my health is compromised, I am learning to work around its limits. All I need to do is wake up alive, and it begins. What did Bilbo Baggins say? "I feel like an adventure."

Thanks to my sponsor. She will send me off with a hug and a kiss. I know she would love to come along. Sacrifice. It can be a road to somewhere. Sometimes a rough and lonely ride. Thank you. See Y'all in the morning. Saddle up.