Frozen intelligence

Frozen intelligence. Story of my life. Like what happens to your brain after inhaling a slurpee very quickly. Remember in the movie Dumber and Dumberer, when Harry and Loyd share the brain freeze slurpee effect? Interstingly enough, I have actually hit the ground after a slurpee rush. Yep, knocked me out. Kind of like a near death experience. Try it some time, it could change your life. Sort of a "I saw the light" thing without actually climbing the stairway to heaven.  Cool. Let me know how that works out. For safety's sake always bring a buddy. You may need help getting off the pavement.

Speaking of tarmac I have been on quest this spring looking for a new steed (motorcycle). I have put my butt on anything with two wheels that catches my attention. A motorcycle gigilo. Viewing them from the for sales posts on Craigslist or Kijiji, going to the dealerships for test rides, even going so far as to rent. Actually ride before the contract is signed. Sounds like what dating might be like. I say might be as I am married going on 28 years and dating is a rather foriegn word, something they do on TV.

I have noticed some trends, such as the local Kijiji is the haunt for the HOG dealers and the rice kings run with Craigs. I love them all which makes commiting to only one difficult, and I troll the for sale posts like an Orca patrolling the seal rookery. Is this how those sheiks in Arabia Dooby feel with thier harems? Awesome! I do seem to be leaning towards the 'adventure tourer'. I am not sure if that is what happens as we age or is it just me. Giant dirt bikes they are, really, and I am an old farm boy, so soil is in my shorts. And I am not good with the barter thing. Buy low, sell high. I just wanna buy and never sell! Lottery, where are you ? Money has always just been a means to an end for me so luckily I'm married to a number cruncher who is attracted to a calculator like I am attracted to her panties! Still it is somewhat painful as there seems to be so many bikes and so little time. I know one thing , I woke up alive, I feel great, the coffe is fresh and we need to seize the day! So watch out as the man with frozen brain may come to your house today. Not to I'll bring a cheque book and maybe even some cash. We can all go home happy! Ride on.