Going north? I can, you can, we Alcan (hwy)!

Part 1. Can you trust a man that looks like he has not shaved for months? I think so. Santa has a beard. With that sage advice, I welcome you to our latest post, tailored to helping those who are coming in the direction of our home, the Yukon, neighbours of Alaska, and may need some idea as to how and why they should. Yes, we have been on the Alaska Hwy and the Stewart Cassiar more than most people on the planet. And yes, we have ridden much of British Columbia, gravel and pavement. And Alberta is no stranger to our strangeness either. Experts you say? Please, how kind of you. We like to think of ourselves, as Jimi Hendrix once asked, "are you experienced" and we can answer with a resounding, hell ya.

So do your homework, study your maps, pack your bags, tools and bike and pillion, if need be. Let's git 'er done. We do not know the hour of the clock, or for whom it tolls, so make haste my friends, adventure calls. The people you will meet, the situations that will arise, the beauty of such a majestic, pristine part of the world that can heal souls, may just make you a believe there is good in the world, and that you are more than capable, to find it. You will not leave here the same man, or woman, who started the first steps of this journey. So saddle up my friends, we ride.

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