Grey Mountain Yukon, Vstrom be like Enduro.

In the Yukon. In the city of Whitehorse. A road shoots off from the subdivision known as Riverdale, and meanders up to the top of Grey Mountain. More of a mid size mountain, certainly not a towering beast, but a lovely climb just the same. A favourite area for mountain bikers, hikers, atv's, enduros of all types, beer sippers and weed lippers, it also a great place to get a view of the valley that wraps around the city of Whitehorse. I took the Vstrom up, not really knowing the condition of the the road, as I had not been on it in 40 years. Turns out it was just right. Not too gnarly, and not too smooth...kind of just right. Any rougher and it would be challenging for the V, which imitates an enduro very well, but is not. For sure. I had a most enjoyable ride, making a new aquaintance and actually rather a taken back at the beautiful view. Nice.