GSA 1200 Vstrom DL650 N Fork Trails FSR & Twisty's!

What a summer. We rode like banshee's. Hmm. That might be stretching it a little. Well, we had a couple of great rides that had there moments of sweat, swearing, seeing, spitting, spewing, slipping and surprises. We did multi day rides, through some amazing back woods, logging roads that were once wagon trails, through creeks and over rocks, did mucho kms of curvacious tarmac, and rode on 2 ferries all in one gorgeous afternoon. My wife accompanied me on her Vstrom DL650, Suki, numerously, and she's becoming more competent every ride. Gravel time for her, soon. Oh we have beautiful roads in BC, no doubt. Ok, the pavement can call for tires that are more knobbishious, but that's no biggy. The scenery is well, Super Natural, British Columbia. And in all fairness our roads are well maintained. My brother is always ready for a go and aboard his big yellow bird, joined me for some killer FSR's, a few of the best that southern British Columbia has to offer, and historic too. Harrison Lake FSR and the Seton Portage High Line. Yep. He also did the Tulameen, Coalmont, Kettle Valley, and other FSR's, all by hisself. Douglas Lake Ranch, we did together, this fall, to cap off an amazing season.


On my own, I did Apex Mnt ski hill, which to be fair was perhaps a tad short, yet so awesome I would not pass the chance to do it again, repeatedly. How wonderful to sit back and reflect on a summer that was without a doubt, one of the best summers of riding I've ever done. Next summer looks to be, dare I say it, perhaps, even better. Alas, the winds of change can blow us off course, but as we look ahead, plans are being made for the summer of 2017. The Dempster Hwy has encased my brain, as I want my wife to ride that fabled road that her brothers at one time, spent a fall season, once younger men, pounding in metal snow poles along the side of said Hwy. Her parents drove on it several decades ago, to get to their job site! And this time the we will go beyond Inuvik to Tuktoyuktuk, before that last small strip of Hwy is completed. I am fortunate to have motorcycled it once, and would be honoured to feel it's dusty embrace, again. Like rubber wearing off the Heidenaus, so are the rides of our life. ???


I have posted the video of this ride below. Above is Lost Lake, on Hwy 6. Recently I posted the Apex Ski hill ride, and soon to follow is Douglas Lake Ranch. I rode Hwy 3 pretty much in it's entirety this ride and that is always a tremedous ride. How lucky am I. Happy Trails.