Happy Tardy New Year from The Real North

Tardy. That should probably be my middle name. Sometimes. I used to be indecisive...but now I'm not so sure. And Happy New Year to all. As I sit here listening to the crackle of the woodstove, which is a good sound even though it has warmed up to -26, I admittedly will admit I have not been paying enough attention to this site. I blame almost everything that doen't go well on my medical issues, and the little bastards deserve it! It's been almost 5 years since I wrestled with that bacterial infection and one thing, out of a few, that still hangs with me is that dang chronic fatigue. Really aggravating. Oh well, so is scraping an ankle against a 2x4 or smacking your shin on a heavy floor speaker, which me and my wife have both experienced just yesterday. It seems to be true that pain does let you know you still have feelings, and you're still alive. Alles gut. I am feeling up and up this evening so I'm going to post a couple videos/links from our Whitehorse, Yukon abode. Starring our resident Ermine, and also our Douglas Lake ride. The Ermine lives over at the neigbours, (wife's parents) but they are just a short, brisk, walk away. Needless to say the mice that were once so prevelant in this old block castle are now far and few between. That Ermine is a real little beauty. Apparently they can get real stinky once the sun warms up....in 3 or 4 months, but we'll deal with that issue then. The Grandparents put a small bowl of chicken out daily. He/she? is fearless and bounces around visiting multiple times a day. It knows where the chicken is, that's for sure.

I only have 1 or 2 more motorcycle vid's to post as we put the bikes in storage this winter. We usually leave them insured year round, but that was when we were in Vancouver, not the Yukon, and Vancouver is in a bit of a deep freeze themselves this year. Canada is getting a real old time winter from coast to coast this year. Spring is not far away, and as long as I pass my echocardiogram in March, and I feel pretty good, there will be some good riding for 2017. We are really going to focus on the north, the #realnorth, and I say that as our eastern friends in Toronto, aka the center of the universe, are always referring to themselves as the true north. They do not hold a candle to this place, I don't care how good they dribble! We have all of the Yukon and Alaska as neighbours, and they can see Russia right out of the back door. I did not know this. We have been to Alaska a few times and never really looked hard enough, I guess. We sure will next time. Northwest Terr. are just to the left, I might add. Anyways, we have some excellent roads to scratch gravel on, to race mosquitos, moose and grizzlies. I can hardly wait, I just have to live that long, and as I was saying, things are looking pretty good.

If anyone is planning to ride north, email me, youtube me, or whatever, and if we are in town (Whitehorse, Yukon), perhaps we can get together. We know a lot of people up here and might be of some help, pertaining to directions, repairs, grub, how to get to the worlds smallest desert, hot springs, or perhaps buy me lunch, har har! Just putting it out there. WildBill signing off, and wishing everyone happy trails, for this 2017!