Ion & Drift action cams: same same, not same!

A few points I want to add. The newer Ion Air Pro 3 compares very closely to the newer Drift Ghost HD. (2014/2015) The Drift does have that unique tagging feature that allows you to back up a short span of time, saving footage you may well have otherwise lost. Very cool. It would have been great if I had remembered to have it on when my friend dropped her shiny new bike! cannot turn the camera power on with the remote, and you cannot change video tag mode back to regular video recording with the remote...or at least I have not figured it out. Maybe with the WiFi? Any help would be appreciated, in that regard.You have to unclip it from its camera mount and manually do it. I can kill the battery on the Drift and its remote, over a couple of hours. The Ion with its easy on/off/ power down system, can be used for a few days, before needing a recharge. I've done it. The Ion battery is built in, I would like to see them change that.

The Ion may be the toughest action cam on the market. It is a beast. Its mounting systems are also far more rugged, and hold the camera firmer, than the Drift. And as far as motorcycle action cam, the Ion is the safest, simplest, shoot and go there is. Bar none.