Motorcycle Drone Mavic Tracking, can it?

We had recently purchased the Mavic Pro Drone and with the new itty bitty enduro, I tried to see how the tracking worked. I, as probably you, have seen numerous videos posted by others doing the sam dam ting, and with the same results. Just okay. Of course it's pretty amazing that the drone follows at all, really, but when doing this solo you can't ask too much of the little bird. As long as I didn't get too fast or far away, as in out of a clear line of sight, it did good. The Mavic won't track in sport mode, the mode where it really has a throttle, and I suppose there is a reason for that, you have to stay in P mode. Just an experiment, and really that's where the fun is with these things, albeit I've learned the hard way that there are some rules you got to follow. Mostly, everything charged, compass calibrated and stay away from big chuncks of metal, towers, bridges etc, as that increases your odds of the always interesting crash...but not that interesting.