Motorcycle that snow?

Merry ha ha, but not really. I am fortunate to have driven the Alaska Highway many times. In a semi, pick up, car, and as of lately, a motorcycle. So nothting new going up again...except to spice it up a little, and riding my little Vstrom DL650 up, on a start date of April 28, surely would did the trick. And it was not dissapointing. Cold? You bet. Dangerous? Might have been, but mother nature was in a good mood, and tested me just a little. Yes I rode through some snow/blowing sleet, and it was feezing or a bit colder every morning, yet out of the 5 days I sojourned on, 3 were beautifully clear, crisp and sunny. And more wildlife then normally seen. I suppose that would make sense, mating season and all that. I have heated grips on the Vstrom and I wore a heated vest, which I might add was never turned off, and always appreciated. Perhaps the best ride up the Alaska Hwy I"ve done yet. Recomendable. Heated gear is pretty much mandatory. I think it would be more of a torture session without. There is some risk at that time of year as snow or dropping temperatures are nver far away. Hell, it can and has snowed up here in August! It can be done, and is as good as it gets. Traffic is close to non existent as it can get. Gas stops are not an issue, at least not with the Vstrom, as it easily gets 350 km to a tank, and I never came close to that. Your turn next. Be prepared, and you'll be rewarded with one of your best rides.

P.S. Hotel all the way, no camp!