Tee minus 20 days

So it's 480 kms from Surrey to Cherryville where I will rendezvous with my brother and from which point, after a review of what we have, and have not, and what we may need...roll. It's then 3,537 kms to Inuvuk via the Cassiar Hwy (37) according to the google. It's a 40 minute flight to Tuktoyuktuk, and the Beaufort sea. If we make it that far we may as well go right to the top. We may not have the chance again. Perhaps we'll see Sarah Palin's house. Or Russia. Then of course, south bound, returning via the Alaska hwy. Bike is tuned and pretty much packed. Just a few small items, and then the final puzzle of what goes where. Having done this a couple times now I am packed somewhat lighter. Having said that, I am no minalamist, suffering from old mans butt, back and....etc.

On the left is some clothing packed into plastic bags that once held frozen berries, which we eat copious amounts of. Washed the bags and they seal tight with a double zip lock. Camping gear is in the 65 litre, waterproof bag. Lots of room so I'm thinking I'll put the cook gear in there too. Want to keep it light as it sits up on the seat and on a bike this tall, I've learned that is a jolly good idea. Tools and pillows!

As you can see the Givi 41 litre side clams are filling up but I still have lots of room. Put my shirts and shorts etc., mostly poly or wool, in the plastic fruit bags on the narrower, outer half. So much more room than last years run. See Die Trying on the front page. And I'll want some room as I'll have to bring a 2.5 gallon jug for fuel as the Vee won't go 400 kms on a tank. The top case will be my sleeping bag. Big and warm. I have a spare blanky, in case it's not so big and warm. Probably put my cameras and lap top in there as it's dry, secure and easy to get to. I'm thinking I'll wear the Nikon camera around my neck, nestled under my coat. It's a J1 and fairly compact. Thanks to my awesome wife for giving me her baby Nikon! Nicest camera I ever did have.

Well, feeling pretty good about the whole thing, and will spend the next two weeks doing yard work, chores and riding my bicycle in this lovely sunshine. Looking forward to seeing the sights, sounds, and all of the interesting people that we will most assuredly meet, as the miles and minutes pass us by. I am so very appreciative of having this opportunity and want dedicate this ride to those who have suffered a stroke, open heart surgery, and as I did, won the lottery and beat staphylococcus aureus/endocarditis to live another day. And ride another day. There is always hope....and it's about 100 kms east! Been there, done that and hope to see it again!