Velcro Boots and Expensive Socks = WTF?

I've been riding these 2 wheeled machines for a long time, decades, and it's only last 4 or 5 years that I have started to wear ATGATT. All The Gear All The Time. My son and I went to Las Vegas a few years back and I wore deck shoes and he wore beatnik runners. Tee's and jeans made up the rest of the body armour. Nowadays, i go nowhere without boots and armour. Maybe it was my own near death experience, or maybe it was since my wife became serious about riding, and although I am not so worried about myself, she sure does. The riding school she got her training with was also absolutely adamant about safe gear, and the owner is a retired world champion, so I'm sure he's scraped tarmac a few times. Anyways, today's experience was in no way of that magnitude, yet I still learned more than I thought I would. You can see the frayed parts of the socks below.

We were up at a dealership, trying on some new boots for the wife. Her boots are nice, but perhaps a little short and as we head north on a 7500 km trip in 10 days,  no harm in seeing what's out there (and what may be on sale). She brought along her new WigWam socks, the Merino Wool beauties, and as she will tell you, the most expensive socks either of us have ever purchased. They were still in that fresh, virgin state that, would soon be lost, as soon as she slipped them on. And no better time than when your slipping on a pair of $250 boots. She had only tried one or 2 pairs on when she noticed the velcro sides, which almost all of the newer boots have, were snagging on her new socks. I've never had this problem, but my boots all have a longish guard, and many of the boots do not. Seemed like no biggy, but upon close inspection, it was revealed that the velcro was snagging the Merino Wool, kinda right out of the sock. WTF? See evidence of said crime below.

So it's simple, but not to the simple minded,  and I'm sure most of you already know this. Be careful if your wearing, expensive, soft, socks when putting on boots with Velcro here, there, and everywhere. We figured out by the 3rd pair of try ons that if she was careful, she could avoid scraping the sock, and literally, unthreading it. Krap. We ended up leaving with no boots and a pair of brand new WigWam socks looking like they had aready done the danged trip. Poop. Oh well, live and learn, and I do hope this short spiel will keep your feet and their new socks together, a wee longer.

As for the shorter boots, that she already owns and is happy with, we'll get a pair of soccer shin guards to cover up those, at times, bare and lovely ankles. That'll do pig, that'll do.

Her boots ...                                                   The nicer style of velcro and zipper ...      The Kind that eats socks!