Waffle no more...we ride

After much waffling, debating, consulting with the oracle, the mighty google, and talking with my cardiologist, we have, at last, come up with a plan of action for our 2015 summer run. At first, this spring, we had thought of Italy, and wouldn't that be grand. Traipsing through the dust and cobblestones once traversed by Roman legions, barbarians, and Tom Hanks. But alas, with my wife being extremely in demand at work this spring, and the fact our dollar is anything but up...maybe next year. Also, my wife had not yet finished her motorcycle lcense and perhaps was a wee green for the alps. Then, she bought herself a stinky new DL650 Vstrom, and we couldn't convince them to just give it away. They wanted money. Drats! Next idea was to tour the western parks in the good old US of A, our neighbours to the south. I did mention our dollar didn't I? And medical coverage is always an issue when going that way.  Hmmm, maybe next year. We finally settled on going north, again. Well, not again for her, as she wasn't along when I was fortunate enough to ride to Inuvik last year, albeit she has been north many times, was actually born in Whitehorse, Yukon Terr., she has never driven the Alaska Hwy on a motorcycle. Sounds pretty good for a plan C.

How the 2014 DL650A looked

leaving the dealership

We'll have to pack a little more than that ....


That's more like it ...

like mine!

My partner this time, on this ride, although she has 30 years prior of soft and warm, brings more to the table than just that ...





... she's been my caretaker through a series of unfotunate events ...



... and we have more than a few battle scars acquired over 30+ years of friendship ...

There. As it is written, it shall be done. Me hopes. Of course, I'm still dealing with my heart condition, although it will remedy itself once I die, but until then, yes, it will be my 800 lb gorilla. And, if by chance you saw my Inuvik video (see below), you would have noticed I was prone to napping in ditches, on lawns, or what have you, as I seemed to tire out comepletely every day or so. Well, wouldn't you know it, I can now add Chroinic Fatigue as my newest diagnosis; apparently, very common after a body has gone to war with a bacterial infection. That actually explains a lot. Chronic Fatigue has no set date for leaving, but there is no reason to believe that I cannot out endure this malady and knowing what I'm dealing with makes my planning much easier. I may be sleeping on the side of the road again this year.

This year, I am so happy to be bringing my best buddy, my wife. Besides being soft and warm, she has become amongst all of her other duties, my caretaker. Being a caretaker is no easy task, and I am forever in her debt. Thank you Darlin'. I know full well that we may not follow our planned route or even finish said route, but no one  has that guarantee when they separate mind from mattress, so rise and shine.

Ah yes, the needed but not always

wanted ... nap. I am 5 years old again.

Taken in Ucluelet, June 2015

Come July 20th, or thereabouts, heretofore known as the day we "go north", we shall mount our steeds, me one my 2005 Vstrom 1000 and my wife on her 2014 Vstrom 650, Suzi-Q, and ...go north. Visiting friends and family along the way, ending up in Whitehorse, where her parents still reside, since 1961, true sourdoughs, and doing the Cassiar Hwy northward, and the Alaska Hwy, on the downhill part, south. We will bring a tent and such, but more for emergency, fires or road problems etc., as I sleep kinda weird these days. Hotels and BnB's will be the benchmark, and I want a power source as we will do a short, riveting, daily blog, with 2, maybe even 3 pictures, in colour, I might add. Spell binding for sure. I'm thinking quality, not quantity. Like seeing a mountain sheep peeing in the middle of the road. Or a bicycle rider, being chased by a bear. Splendid. Ride, Forest, ride!  Less than a month to lift off. North to Alaska (Highway), north, the rush is on.

There is a grand combination of excitement, anticipation and fear, before these rides, and for those who have not travelled, well, get off the couch. A better way of educating oneself is hard to find. New roads, new adventures, new friends, new digs, perhaps even a few new headaches or scars ... I feel like Frodo Baggins. Will we make it? "Yet we may Mr. Frodo, yet we may".