Spring has Sprung,and so have I

Spring and the Bike, are arriving...

Going north? I can, you can, we Alcan (hwy)!

Dawson City aerial. Wait until you drive by...

Yukon 2017, Motorcyc'less' plans are laid!

Raven Crooked Beak says, "Come north..."

Happy Tardy New Year from The Real North



GSA 1200 Vstrom DL650 N Fork Trails FSR & Twisty's!

Grand Forks 2 Edgewood...

Apex Mnt Nickel Plate Rd. It goes up dirty, comes down smooth.

GSA 1200/650 Vstrom 'man down', Harrison Lake Dualsport

Harrison duel ... dual sport

GSA 1200 & Vstrom 650 to Gold Bridge/Seton Portage

Dual sport riding par excellente!

Hwy 101 Powell River ride report

A ferry or 2 away...

My helmet his-story

My helmet, my coat, I must be goating...