One Day Ride at a Time: Cultis Lake

One Days Ride at a Time: Cultis Lake

Chef Big D's, Squamish

Not just the coffee was Big...

2014 DL650A Givi Crash bar install

Oh my, the Farkles are killing my budget...

Dempster Hwy or Dalton Hwy?

The dempster ... or the Dalton? May I suggest...

2014 DL650 ergonomically corrected, words and pics...

Finding our 2014 DL650 a tad tall for my wife's 5' 7" frame, we did some tinkering...

Ion & Drift action cams: same same, not same!

A few points I want to add. The newer Ion Air Pro 3 compares very closely to the newer Drift Ghost HD. (2014/2015) The Drift does have that unique tagging feature that allows you to back up a short span of time, saving footage you may well have otherwise lost. Very cool. It would have been great if I had remembered to have it on when my friend dropped her shiny new bike! But...

2014 DL650 300km what is, and what is to be

With just about 300 kms on my wifes new Vstrom, comments on what we have, and what we have coming. Check out the video here


Dempster Highway 2014 Ride Report: Maps, Words, Pics, and Blarney

This ride report is a few words about the Dempster Highway, and how to get there, from Whitehorse, Yukon Territory. I start from Whitehorse as that's the last real bit of population you'll see.  The Yukon, which is bigger than California, has 36,000 people living there; 28,000 of them reside in Whitehorse.

It's like taking a small handful of chocolate chips and tossing them onto a large pool table. Yep, there's a lot of room. You may now eat the chocolate chips. -Read On

Cruisin' the Dempster highway at 60 mph!

As I'm feeling more like a human lately I am back at work. Well this isn't really work, but I  am back at it! Hooray!
What i'm really trying to say is, "you can go really fast on the Dempster for short spells..."

Disclaimer: do this at your own risk, Wild Bill is not recommending or admitting anything

Das Early Rider

My Father in law on his motorcycle. He was working for the US army distributing food to the very hungry post war masses.