Cruisin' the Dempster highway at 60 mph!

As I'm feeling more like a human lately I am back at work. Well this isn't really work, but I  am back at it! Hooray!
What i'm really trying to say is, "you can go really fast on the Dempster for short spells..."

Disclaimer: do this at your own risk, Wild Bill is not recommending or admitting anything

Das Early Rider

My Father in law on his motorcycle. He was working for the US army distributing food to the very hungry post war masses.

Spilt Beans

Amazing the things you'll see on a routine ride... Bean there, done that!

Moose out to lunch, Dempster Highway

So that's a moose salad!

Dempster Highway: Talking Dirty

The Dempster Highway is all about riding on marbles (marbles in a thick broth when it rains)

I have a few short highlights of what the Dempster hwy actually looks like, from a closer view...and we touch some of it.

Arctic Circle sign now repaired! Somewhat! is somewhat!

Tee minus 20 days

With 20 days to Inuvik and Beyond...maybe, packing is a great way to keep in the zone!

Packing list updated. Re: motorcycles to Tuktoyuktuk

Of course I packed too much...doesn't everybody?

Anmore/Buntzen Lake day trip

It was super beautiful up there, on this spring day...

but the best part was the dude with the accordian!

Santa Clauz makin noise

I wrote this little ditty because like all songs, they get stuck in between your brain cells if you don't get them out.