Arctic Circle sign now repaired! Somewhat! is somewhat!

Tee minus 20 days

With 20 days to Inuvik and Beyond...maybe, packing is a great way to keep in the zone!

Packing list updated. Re: motorcycles to Tuktoyuktuk

Of course I packed too much...doesn't everybody?

Anmore/Buntzen Lake day trip

It was super beautiful up there, on this spring day...

but the best part was the dude with the accordian!

Santa Clauz makin noise

I wrote this little ditty because like all songs, they get stuck in between your brain cells if you don't get them out.

Ya gotta love the 'Best' coast!

This 2 minutes shows why we live in such a wonderful part of the world. Sun ... ocean ... motorcycles ... life is good! Highway 99, sort of.

Gittar Instumantality

One of the 'staples' of good health

A 'perk' from my hospital visit ...

Vstrom 1000 center stand install

You can calm down, here's a how to for the Vee 1000 centerstand ...

Frozen intelligence