Signs of a Grand Motorcycle Road...

Signs of things to come...

Surrey to Dickson Lake, BC: One Day Ride at a Time

Dickson Lake: One Days Ride at a Time ...

One Day Ride at a Time: Cultis Lake

One Days Ride at a Time: Cultis Lake

A Tale of Re "Dempster"

Go north ... older men, and we did ...

Dempster Hwy or Dalton Hwy?

The dempster ... or the Dalton? May I suggest...

One Days ride at a Time: Vancouver to Lillooet

One Days Ride at a Time: Vancouver to Lillooet

Dempster Highway 2014 Ride Report: Maps, Words, Pics, and Blarney

This ride report is a few words about the Dempster Highway, and how to get there, from Whitehorse, Yukon Territory. I start from Whitehorse as that's the last real bit of population you'll see.  The Yukon, which is bigger than California, has 36,000 people living there; 28,000 of them reside in Whitehorse.

It's like taking a small handful of chocolate chips and tossing them onto a large pool table. Yep, there's a lot of room. You may now eat the chocolate chips. -Read On

Motorcycles of the Alaska highway

You're going to see a lot of various motorcycles up north, especially late June onward.

Cruisin' the Dempster highway at 60 mph!

As I'm feeling more like a human lately I am back at work. Well this isn't really work, but I  am back at it! Hooray!
What i'm really trying to say is, "you can go really fast on the Dempster for short spells..."

Disclaimer: do this at your own risk, Wild Bill is not recommending or admitting anything

Moose out to lunch, Dempster Highway

So that's a moose salad!