Arctic Circle sign now repaired! Somewhat! is somewhat!

48 hours to go

How time flies when your having fun! 48 hours and it's due north until the top of Canada or come what may. Always a few nerves before takeoff, maybe a few more because of where were going and although I feel great, fingers crossed...

Tee minus 20 days

With 20 days to Inuvik and Beyond...maybe, packing is a great way to keep in the zone!

The Wee Vee factor

These are the motorcycles we own. Thus they will be the steeds chosen to do the run to Inuvik. A few thoughts on the sisters "Strom"...

Packing list updated. Re: motorcycles to Tuktoyuktuk

Of course I packed too much...doesn't everybody?

Anmore/Buntzen Lake day trip

It was super beautiful up there, on this spring day...

but the best part was the dude with the accordian!

The 60 day wait.



60 days to go. 1440 hours. 86,400 minutes ... but then again ... who's counting anyways? I feel like an astronaut, lift off is imminent!

Vstrom + gravel road + sun = groovy!

One days ride at a time, to Burma Lake, Mission valley and behind Britannia beach, Sea to sky hwy.

Ya gotta love the 'Best' coast!

This 2 minutes shows why we live in such a wonderful part of the world. Sun ... ocean ... motorcycles ... life is good! Highway 99, sort of.

Vee, Me, Brit beach trash ride


Why do we litter? Plastic containers, cigarette butts and cartons, coffee cups ... and this! Fire arms shells! Metal casings are one thing, as I suppose they eventually rust back into dirt, but shotgun casings are primarily plastic. Really ticks me off, and yes we are gun owners. Hang your heads in shame!