Ya gotta love the 'Best' coast!

This 2 minutes shows why we live in such a wonderful part of the world. Sun ... ocean ... motorcycles ... life is good! Highway 99, sort of.

Vee, Me, Brit beach trash ride


Why do we litter? Plastic containers, cigarette butts and cartons, coffee cups ... and this! Fire arms shells! Metal casings are one thing, as I suppose they eventually rust back into dirt, but shotgun casings are primarily plastic. Really ticks me off, and yes we are gun owners. Hang your heads in shame!

2014 motorcycle trip packing it all list.

Amazing ... me, using a list ...

Going North ... Almost ... krap! 2200 kms rounder

Round 1 does not decide the fight ...

Hwy 99 motorcycle tour

Hwy 99 as I see it ...

Bikes to Las Vegas: 4200 kms rounder

In which my son and I go south ...

The Perfect Motorcycle ... for the Ride ... er?

When I wrote this, the Vee to our left, was not even in my thought process ... hmmmm